Wood Fired Ovens – Italian Pizze 4

4 Pizze – A wood-fired oven made for gardens and families, meets practicality with built-in lateral shelves and a peel holder.

Offering a wide mouth and large dimensions, ideal for cooking 4 pizzas, as well as 4kg of bread with every oven load. Made for gardens, this wood-fired oven can otherwise be used on balconies or terraces. It also features the refractory floor found in professional ovens.

4 Pizze is available in two colours: copper and grey without base and copper and red (with base).

All our steel domes are studied to perfect the rapid heating to reach operating temperature, in optimum time. For lang-lasting warmth and minimum wood consumption, Ceramic fibre insulation is an added benefit. Practicality comes into play with stainless steel lateral shelves to place oven trays, oven dishes, ingredients and cooking accessories. Necessary wood-fired cooking utensils are always in arm’s length with the built-in peel holder.


With 3cm thick interchangeable refractory tiles, the oven floor is designed to store heat and carry it to the food for consistent cooking.
The stainless-steel dome has been finely studied and perfected to reach high, consistent temperatures all while making use of minimum wood consumption – makes this oven ideal for garden use.
Long-lasting warmth is ensured within the oven with Ceramic fibre insulation.
For easy temperature regulation and supervision, the oven is fitted with a pyrometer.
The oven draught can be regulated with the large moving door, fitted with a double ergonomic wooden handle for firm grip.
For easy moving and placing of the wood-burning oven, it is fitted with built-in rear castors.
The peel holder is conveniently built-in, for storing of all tools required for cooking on a wood fire.
The side shelves’ size is designed to not only enhance the 4 Pizze oven’s design, but to conveniently accommodate the necessary preparation and cooking tools.
Upon delivery, all you need to assemble is the flue and the side shelves, with a few screws. This is to ensure convenience and speedy installation for you to enjoy your cooking experience.

Technical Details

  • Weight: 165 kg
  • Oven floor area: 0.48 m2
  • Oven floor dim: 80 x 60 cm
  • Heating time: (min)20
  • Pizza capacity: 4
  • Bread capacity: 4 kg
  • Max oven temperature: 500°C – 1000°F
  • Average fuel consumption 4 kg/h
  • Used material: iron sheet. stainless steel. ceramic fiber
  • Type of refractory: Alumina silicate bricks
  • Recommended fuel: Max 1.9 in diam. logs. trimmings
  • Rated charge: 8.3 kg/h
  • Minimum flue draught: 11 Pa
  • Flue smokes mass flow: 49.6 g/s
  • CO emission at: 13% O2 0.35% 4444 mg/Nm3
  • Smoke temperature: 395°C – 743°F


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