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Why Buy a Char-Griller ?

chargriller from kotg

Are you looking for a long-lasting, durable and weather-resistant charcoal griller? 

The Char-Griller has been America’s most popular choice in outdoor grilling. Now available in South Africa, the Char-Griller comes in 4 different sizes to suit your every grilling requirement. Manufactured using heavy duty steel on the exterior, this charcoal griller will last many years to come with the proper care and maintenance.

Not only is the Char-Griller hard-wearing on the exterior, it also boasts preparation tables on the front and side of the griller with hooks for basting brushes and tongs making grilling a breeze. The interior is also very well equipped with:

  • Reversible, easy to clean cast iron griller
  • Adjustable fire height for charcoal
  • Built-in thermostat for temperature control
  • Easy dump ash pan for easy disposal of used charcoal
  • Warming Rack
  • Side and top vents for temperature-controlled cooking
  • *Side Fire Box compatible

       *sold separately

How to turn your griller into a smoker ?

At an additional cost, you can purchase a Side Fire Box which attaches to the side of your Char-Griller to turn your charcoal griller into an offset smoker.

How to use a Side Fire Box

Attach the Side Fire Box

  • Oil the cast iron cooking grill
  • Light the charcoal
  • Place the charcoal into the Side Fire Box
  • Bring smoker up to temperature
  • Place food on griller
  • Add more charcoal as needed
  • Rotate food
  • Keep food moist by basting
  • Enjoy!!!
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